Base access information



Civilian students, faculty or staff without military affiliation accessing Joint Base Andrews must follow security clearance procedures in order to obtain a Long Term Badge for base access. Badges are issued at the Base Visitor Center just inside Allentown Rd. Main Gate. Badges are valid only for the days and times noted on the badge.

  • Non-drivers/walkers are discouraged since classrooms are 1- 2 miles from the main gate. Bus service is no longer available on the base.
  • Long Term Badges will be issued only to faculty/staff/registered students; badges will not be issued to non-students for any reason. “Chauffeurs” may not access the base unless they are students themselves.
  • No one will be allowed on base who has not first obtained a Long Term Badge.
  • In order to receive a Long Term Badge, you MUST have a valid driver’s license (or state issued ID if walking), car registration, social security number, proof of current car insurance, proof of course registration and the “Request for a Long Term Badge” form from Andrews Center college staff. You will be fingerprinted digitally for the badge by Andrews AFB Security Police.
  • Return the badge to the Visitor Center or PGCC Andrews office at the end of the semester or if you withdraw or drop the class before the end of the semester. Returned badges are tracked for security reasons. You may be denied access for classes in subsequent semesters if you fail to turn in your badge.
  • Andrews Visitor Center is located at 1832 Robert M Bond Dr, Andrews Air Force Base, just inside the Main Gate off Allentown Road.

Procedures for access to Andrews AFB for Summer 2013 classes

Summer 2013 students: Get your “Request for a Long Term badge” form from a Andrews Center representative who will be stationed in Largo Student Center 1st floor outside the bookstore during the following days/times:.

4:30 – 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, May 29,30
1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 31

Bring the following required documents with you to receive your Request for a Long Term Badge form
  • Driver’s License or state issued ID
  • Vehicle Registration Card for the car you will be driving on base, including license plate number.
  • Proof of current car insurance
  • If a student, a Registration Statement or Owl Link Class Schedule, showing your class at Andrews and proof of payment (receipt, confirmation of enrollment in payment plan or financial aid statement).
  • If a non-citizen, your Permanent Resident Card and Social Security Card. If you are a citizen, but born outside the U.S., call the Base Visitor’s Center (301-981-0689) regarding additional documentation you will need.

NEXT STEP: Take the “Request for Long Term Badge” form, with the other documents mentioned above, to the Andrews Visitor Center, 1832 Robert M. Bond Dr, Andrews AFB, inside the main gate at Allentown Road to obtain your base photo ID. Visitor Center hours of operation are: 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please call the Visitor Center to confirm badge processing hours: 301-981-0689.

Later Starting Summer Classes: Andrews PGCC representatives will be at the Main Campus ONLY on the dates stated above. If you do not meet with the Andrews PGCC representative on the specified dates because you enrolled in a later starting class, call the Andrews Office (301-322-0779 or 301-981-5949) and we will assist you with base access. You should expect a follow up Owl Mail from “Andrews Center” with all access procedures outlined and your class location.