Owl Link Information

Owl Link is the name of the Web student system at Prince George’s Community College. It empowers the college’s students to access important online services. Using Owl Link, students are able to register and pay for classes, view the status of financial aid and make adjustments to their schedule, Students also can print unofficial transcripts and class schedules, submit address and e-mail address changes and request official transcripts to be sent to other colleges.
Students also are able to interact with an advisor, run program evaluations, and run “what if” scenarios to see how courses already taken might fit into another degree program. Continuing Education students also may use Owl Link to apply, register for classes and pay tuition charges.

To access Owl Link, students at Prince George’s Community College must have a current, working e-mail address on file. Virtually all Owl Link transactions are acknowledged by e-mail, as are responses to any questions submitted.
Current credit students who have not received a User ID and password can get them by contacting the technology Help Desk Office (301-322-0637) located in Bladen Hall, Room 106, on the Largo campus, or by e-mailing that office at helpdesk@pgcc.edu.

The Owl Link website can be accessed by going to the college main website page at : www.pgcc.edu Once on the home page click on "Owl Link" from the menu at the top of the page.

Owl Link
Will allow you to do the following online:

1. Register and pay
2. Print your class schedule
3. Check open sections
4. Drop sections (before classes begin)
5. Apply for financial aid
6. Change address and phone numbers
7. View placement test scores
8. View your unofficial transcript
9. View your grades online

To use Owl Link, you must
  • Be a current student and
  • have a current valid e-mail account on file with the college.
Students will receive a user ID and temporary password via e-mail.

To Set up Your Owl Link Account & Register for Classes

First time Log In:
1. Go to www.pgcc.edu
2. Go to Quicklinks, Click on Owl Link
3. Once on Owl Link, Click on Credit Students
under the heading, My User Account, click on What's My User ID.
4. To get User ID. Type in Last Name and Social Security number.
Click on Submit. Write down your User ID.
5. Click Log In
6. On new screen, fill in User ID and Password
For FIRST TIME USER: your PASSWORD is your birth month/birth
date/last 2 digits of birth year (mmddyy).
Click Submit.
7. On new screen, you need to Change Your Password..
Read the rules to change your password (in red print) on top of the page.
Write down your new password and if you wish, fill in the Hint box.
Click on Submit
If Your LOG IN setup is successful, a new screen will open up and it will
say •••••• Welcome (your First Name)
8. To register, click on Credit Students.
Under the heading, Credit Registration, Click on Register by Subject & Course Number

Always remember- to designate the term,Subject and Course Number.

Use Express Register by Course Synonym if you already have the course synonym number.

***If you have any questions, dick on HELP.